About us

Anna & Corinna

Corinna & Anna

With help of the nordic wind we would like to bring a fresh breeze to the market of family travel. On our blog you can find our hints and tips on ideas of what to visit, see and explore in the Nordic countries.


… are educated in scandinavian studies, interested in literature and culture, are both working mums and between us we have five children. We are also passionate coffee drinkers, especially if chocolate bars or cinnamon rolls are involved!

… are well experienced in designing trips to Iceland and Greenland, however we are also very familiar with and passionate about all Nordic countries. We ourselves love to travel with our families and we know that many families like us lack time and experience to plan their own trips individually.

we would like…

… to present insider tips and special features off the beaten track for families and other travellers to the scandinavian countries on our blog.

…  to save you from exhausting and time-consuming research on the internet, but give you ideas on everything about „Travelling in Scandinavia“ on our blog.

… to increase your desire to travel to Scandinavia.

… in the long run to plan, organise and offer our own trips to families interested in visiting Scandinavia.